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Apr, 2018

2018 Clark Little League Parade - Postponed Until 4/14

The season start is around the corner!  We will kick off the spring 2018 Clark Little League season with our annual parade.  For those of you who have been around, welcome back! For any new players and families, welcome!  Here is some information to help you prepare for opening day and our parade.

Parade Details:

The parade date is April 14, 2018.  Your team will need a pick-up truck and a banner.  There are a few options for a team banner. You can borrow a banner from your team sponsor or ask them to help you create a banner.  You can also purchase a banner or make one on your own. The parade will start at 8:30 a.m. at ALJ High School with the girls softball league leading.  The girls softball teams will line up at a separate location and then proceed down Westfield Avenue, pass the High School and then proceed to their fields at Brewer for their opening day festivities.  Our baseball teams will line Westfield Ave to cheer them on, and then return to our team trucks, so we can proceed to our field. We will march the remainder of Westfield Ave, and proceed to the Little League complex via Raritan Road.  

The players will sit in the back of the trucks and toss candy to people lined up in the street on the way to the Little League complex.  Please remind children that in order to avoid injury to those on the parade route, there is to be no overhand throwing of candy.  Any throwing of candy should be underhand only, and not forceful. There will be a zero tolerance policy for overhead throwing of candy.  Families are welcome to walk behind their team truck.   Please bring candy for your child to throw. Your coach or team parent(s) can coordinate the banner, truck, and amount of candy needed with you.  Please make sure players dress warmly and wear sneakers (NO cleats in the trucks).

Parade Line-Up:

If you have a truck in the parade, please enter the ALJ High School parking lot, and pull all the way up the driveway in front of the school.  For those of you new to the league, please view the map for clarification.  The instructional league will be leading the parade.  In order to safely line everyone up in time for the beginning of the parade, please arrive at the following times:

Instructional League - Please arrive no later than 7:30 a.m.

Pee Wee’s - Please arrive no later than 7:40

Eights - Please arrive no later than 7:50

Minors - Please arrive no later than 8:00

Majors - Please arrive no later than 8:10

For the safety of everyone, it is extremely important to arrive by your designated times.  There are people walking and children running around everywhere that morning. It will be extremely difficult and dangerous to try and slot your truck into the line if you arrive late.  Please also be aware to drive very carefully in the parking lot, as there may be children around, and people arranging their banners and/or balloons on the trucks. For families arriving without a truck, you MUST enter the lot via the entrance across from the police station.  The parking lot located next to the playing fields will be coned off and closed that morning.

Opening Day Ceremony

Once you enter the complex, please have the teams empty the trucks on the third base side of Bosze field and proceed to the field to line up for opening day ceremonies.  Starting with the instructional team, the teams will walk on the grass all the way to the first base side, line-up behind the infield, and stand behind their team banner.  Your coaches will assist you in this process so the teams enter the field in an orderly fashion. View map if needed.

If you should have any questions, please contact [email protected]